How to Love and Be Loved

Spiritual RelationshipsDiscover how to express your highest potential through your relationships of friendship, love, marriage, and family. These relationships can offer us our greatest joys in life and at times our greatest sorrows. This course can help you gain more clarity and create more harmony in all your relationships. Paramhansa Yogananda explains the divine purpose behind every human relationship and offers practical steps and guidance on how to tap into and express pure, divine love through your relationships with others.

Topics include:

  • The art of gaining true and deep friendships.
  • How to choose the right partner and create a lasting marriage.
  • Cultivating harmony and love in difficult relationships.
  • Guidance for parents and children.
  • Tapping into the Universal Love behind all relationships.

What you’ll receive:

  • Textbook (pdf format).
  • Audio learning tracks (mp3 format).
  • Video classes given by Swami Kriyananda and other teachers.
  • Interactive forum.
  • Guided affirmation and journal exercises.
  • Personal support (via email or telephone).
  • Certificate of Completion.
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Devalila Veenhof

Devalila Veenhof, Director of Online with Ananda, has been practicing and sharing Parmahansa Yogananda's teachings for over 20 years. She is originally from Lake Tahoe in Northern California and first discovered Ananda in 1996. That same year, she became a Certified Meditation and Ananda Yoga Teacher and taught in her home town. She eventually moved to Ananda Village in 1998 - where she now lives with her husband Vic.  Before becoming Director of Online with Ananda in 2009, she served for many years archiving talks by Swami Kriyananda for Treasures Along the Path. Devalila is gifted in supporting and encouraging people, helping them take that next step spiritually. Through her role at Online with Ananda, she enjoys connecting with devotees worldwide, sharing in this journey of Self-Realization.


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