Stay Calm and Centered in all Situations

Inner Peace and Tranquility“I recommend this course for anyone seeking deeper understanding of their nature, behavior, and to develop happy relationships—both with yourself and with others.”—L.K., Sacramento, CA

You can have inner peace and calmness all the time. Exaggerated ups and downs, reactions to others, attachments and desires can throw you off-center. Moods of any kind; anger, anxiety, depression rob you of joy and tranquility. Yoga suggests we should be “even-minded and cheerful” at all times. Is this really possible? Can it be done and keep the ability to feel and experience life? The answer is yes, as many who have taken this course will confirm.

This course will enable you to:

  • Understand the difference between emotion and feeling.
  • Know when to emote, when to control, how to avoid repression.
  • Explore 26 emotions with the Full Circle Awareness system.
  • Consciously draw upon the “success powers” of your Inner Self.
  • Become your true loving self.

Spread Your Mental Wings & Soar Through Skies of Inner Freedom!

Full Circle AwarenessFull Circle Emotional Awareness, based on Secrets of Emotional Healing by Swami Kriyananda. This unique system explores 26 different emotions, showing underlying causes plus effective techniques to work with each emotion.

What you’ll receive:

  • Achieving Inner Peace textbook (pdf format).
  • Secrets of Emotional Healing book text (pdf format).
  • Full Circle Awareness system.
  • Audio learning tracks (mp3 format).
  • Personal support (via email or telephone).
  • Certificate of Completion.
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Nayaswami Mantradevi

Nayaswami Mantradevi has taught hundreds of people how to access their inner happiness through yoga, emotional healing, creativity and meditation. She teaches with insight, clarity and joy. Her concern for others is one of her key qualities, and she has the innate ability to communicate and apply spiritual principles to real life situations. This course draws from her years of experience in teaching and counseling. A long-time Ananda teacher and minister, Nayaswami Mantradevi and her husband have co-directed several Ananda colonies and centers around the United States. She currently lives at Ananda Village, where she teaches and hosts guests at Ananda’s Expanding Light. She is also an artist and paints from her home studio.


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