15 classes plus 8 choir sessions with David Eby

Ananda Virtual ChoirThe Ananda Virtual Choir connects you to the living inspiration in Swami Kriyananda’s vocal masterpieces. In each 30-minute class we will explore the inspiration, meaning, beauty, and nuances that lie within each song of the week. It matters not how well you can or cannot sing, and no submitted recordings are required.

  • Experience the life-changing power of over 200 songs, regardless of your singing ability.
  • Learn proper singing technique and tools to decipher sheet music.
  • Receive a reference recording for each song.
  • Strengthen your connection to gurubais around the world.
  • Create a symphony of consciousness that is tangibly felt.

Learn skills to:

  • Find your voice.
  • Listen and blend.
  • Hold your part against other notes.
  • Identify and sing all notated pitches.
  • Decipher rhythms.
  • Understand all aspects of notation.

David Eby

David Eby trained with Swami Kriyananda, world-known composer and teacher of yogic principles and a direct disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda. David, as a professional director, cellist, and educator has become expert at communicating how we can uplift our consciousness, experience joy, and share inspiration through music, having put into practice these principles for over 20 years.

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