The Spirit Behind All Creation

Going Deeper in AUMThis self-paced course is for anyone seeking to deepen their meditation. It will inspire and enliven your meditation practices and help awaken the pure devotion that draws the Divine Presence in our life. Aum is an especially powerful tool for healing, which you will discover more fully in this course.

Excerpt from course:

“When you feel worried or anxious, call on Holy AUM. Pray believing in its sovereignty over matter. ‘Problems… that arise when we deal with inert matter will be transformed… once we become conscious that we are dealing with a living reality behind [matter].’ (-Swami Kriyananda)

AUM is the living reality behind every joy and challenge in your life. It’s the universal Cosmic Energy that creates, sustains, and destroys universes. AUM is the personal aspect of God—the Divine Mother—who comforts all those who are receptive to Her sovereignty and love.

Remember always Yogananda’s promise: ‘When you are in the consciousness of AUM, nothing can touch you.'”

What you’ll receive:

  • Textbook (pdf format).
  • Guided meditation and journal exercises.
  • Personal support (via email or telephone).
  • Certificate of Completion.
Course Author
Nayaswami Bharat

Nayaswami Bharat, Course Author for “Going Deeper in Aum”

Nayaswami Bharat is the director of Ananda’s Meditation Support site. He has taught and practiced meditation for over 40 years. Bharat is authorized by Swami Kriyananda to give Kriya Yoga initiation, the most advanced meditation technique brought to the West by Paramhansa Yogananda. He has lectured internationally for many years, and is the author of the highly acclaimed Sharing Nature Books, which have been published in 20 languages.

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