Learn Paramhansa Yogananda’s teachings on some of the most fascinating aspects of your soul’s journey to freedom.

Dive into the central teaching of yoga science — that man is much more than a physical body.

Join us for this 1-Part Webinar
Wednesday, October 7th
5:00 – 7:00 pm Pacific Standard Time

This webinar covers:

    • The three bodies that encase each soul: physical, astral and causal
    • How lifeforce creates the physical body
    • The anatomy of the astral body: chakras, the kundalini, and the three main energy channels of ida, pingala and sushumna
    • How the yogi raises the kundalini
    • The spiritual eye and the Aum vibration
    • Why pranayama (lifeforce control) is a shortcut to total self-transformation
*Webinar will be recorded for offline viewing

Bonus Material

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Brahmachari Sagar

Brahmachari Sagar resides in the Ananda Monastery located at Ananda Village in Northern California and serves Ananda’s Online Ministry. Born into a family of kriya-yogis, Sagar read Paramhansa Yogananda’s Autobiography of a Yogi at a young age, an influence that culminated in his decision to serve Yogananda’s mission through Ananda. Sagar led Ananda’s work in Mumbai for about five years. He has served Ananda’s work in India in several capacities: as a teacher and counselor to students, as a meditation and stress-relief workshop facilitator for corporations, and as Ananda India’s fundraising coordinator. Prior to commencing his life of service at Ananda, Sagar was a graduate student with full scholarship at Boston University and holds advanced degrees in Engineering.

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