Nature Awareness for Deeper Spiritual Awareness

Experience the spiritual power of nature through the world-renowned nature activities of Joseph Bharat Cornell. Learn step-by-step how to internalize your awareness and feel nature’s peace flowing through you.

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  1. 5 out of 5

    I found this online class a connection to Ananda, as well as to Swami Yogananda and the Masters, in addition to nature awareness. I loved hearing Sundara speak of his life in Ananda, which gave me that experience by extension. I appreciated all four of the sessions and found exercises that I will work with to make them a part of myself. I felt that Sundara did an outstanding job helping us to understand how we are in Oneness with nature. I loved the quotes about nature. I loved the ending “Birds of the Air” song. How would it have been if the online participants sang along with Sundara leading the song and we all sent love as we sing the song together? Sundara brings the peace, compassion, and love as qualities into his presentations. As a viewer, I felt the vibrations that he shared were as important as the subject matter. I highly recommend “Nature Awareness ofr Deepening Your Spiritual Life”.

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