Expand Your Skill Set with Restorative Yoga

In today’s fast-paced and over-stimulated culture, more and more yoga students and teachers are turning toward a calming, slowing, and introspective yoga practice. Restorative yoga is the answer! Whether you plan to deepen your understanding of restorative yoga or teach it to your students, this comprehensive online course will help you gain the knowledge–through experience—of the healing power of restorative yoga!

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Join Melody Hansen, E-RYT 500
Yoga Alliance CE Approved Course

Melody has been teaching Ananda Yoga and Meditation since 2006, and has been training yoga teachers since 2008 at The Ananda School of Yoga and Meditation in California. A seasoned and certified yoga therapist with IAYT, Melody shares her knowledge through these unique aspects of the training:

  • 30 Yoga Alliance continuing education hours
  • Over 60 videos to download and view for a lifetime!
  • 3 complete Ananda Yoga Restorative routines & warm-up videos
  • Sequenced routines that therapeutically enhance the well-being of the practitioner
  • Utilization of the chakra system and how to integrate this profound understanding into your restorative classes
  • Ananda Yoga affirmations and meditation techniques to raise consciousness and improve mindfulness


Yoga Teachers: Experience the Depth

Yoga teachers love this training because they get to practice a lot of Restorative Yoga! Through Melody Hansen’s expert guidance, you’ll feel what it’s like to be nurtured and cared for in a Restorative class with guided relaxation techniques. During this course there will be time to:

  • Enjoy guided practice for your own renewal
  • Experience the poses to understand the use of props and proper alignment
  • Use the breath to invoke the Relaxation Response
  • Learn modifications and variations needed for students with special conditions
  • Practice several hands-on adjustments to deepen your student’s and/or client’s experience of deep relaxation

Best practices in online training

Partake in lively discussions and Q&A forums filled with insights

Enjoy online practice teaching sessions with your classmates to build confidence in what you’re learning.

Film yourself teaching a volunteer student to apply your new skills! Receive individual feedback from Melody Hansen.

Meet your fellow trainees through group projects & online community

Take mini practice quizzes throughout the course to deepen and clarify your understanding of the course content

Receive post-graduation support from Melody and The Ananda School of Yoga and Meditation, which offers a wide variety of resources, inspiration, and community interactions.

Spiritualize Your Practice
with Ananda Yoga

Ananda Yoga Restorative is uniquely based on the universal teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda, author of the spiritual classic, Autobiography of a Yogi. During this course you’ll heighten your teaching ability by addressing the whole person—body, mind and spirit—in a holistic way:

  • Learn to guide students in energy awareness while teaching Ananda Yoga’s unique Restorative routine for the Chakras
  • Use techniques to help increase the flow of energy through the system of chakras
  • Learn and experience the power of affirmations combined with restorative yoga postures to deepen relaxation and strengthen the mind-body and energy connection
  • Learn a simple, yet powerful meditation technique along with effective pranayama practices to deepen concentration, peace of mind, and relaxation
  • Learn how to include meditation in your restorative classes to help your students leave feeling uplifted and restored

What our Graduates say:

“In over 20 years of practice and 7 years of teaching yoga I have never encountered a technique more effective in calming, centering, and rejuvenating its practioner as Ananda Restorative Yoga. Through the excellent guidance of Melody I felt prepared, in a surprising short time, to incorporate Ananda Restorative Yoga into my classes. The benefits of calm, focus, and heightened awareness were immediate in my students and myself. This training greatly improved my teaching and my personal practice and I highly recommend it to yoga teachers of every style.”
-Stephanie, Israel

“Melody is a gifted yoga teacher and a joy to learn from. She clearly articulates the essence of restorative yoga and how to guide others in a safe and supportive environment. Her enthusiasm for its benefits is infectious and will inspire you to share this treasure with your students.”
-Michelle, Massachusetts

Meet Your Instructor:

Melody Hansen

Melody is an extraordinary yoga teacher, who conveys her great knowledge of yoga asanas—from physical mechanics to spiritual upliftment—with a blend of graciousness, authority, and fun. One of Melody’s greatest strengths is the purity of her transmission of Yoga. She has very little egotism to block the clear flow of inspiration she shares. Her inner life is committed and deep, and she’s able to help students experience that depth in their yoga practice.

Melody has been practicing the teachings of yoga since the age of 14, and began teaching at age 17. She is a Certified Ananda Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT), and teaches therapeutic yoga for private sessions and groups. Melody loves leading Ananda’s Restorative Yoga Teacher Training in-person at The Expanding Light Retreat three times per year. She also directs the Ananda Yoga Teacher Training 200-hr program at The Ananda School of Yoga and Meditation in California. Melody is trained in prenatal yoga and leads prenatal weekends, as well as co-directs the Prenatal Ananda Yoga Teacher Training Program.

Melody uses restorative yoga, Ananda Yoga and Meditation in her personal life to balance serving her students and her family. She practices what she preaches and enjoys guiding beginning through advanced students into the stillness of meditation that follows yoga so that all can experience their higher potential.

Receive the Ananda Yoga Restorative Teacher Training Manual

Restorative Ananda Yoga Teacher Trainees will receive a thorough 8-section manual for the course (150 pages PDF printable). All course material is available in the manual, which includes:

  • Instructions for teaching 3 Restorative Ananda Yoga routines including beginning through advanced poses
  • Fully-illustrated color photos of over 20 restorative poses and their prop setups
  • Asana benefits, cautions/contraindications, modifications, teaching tips, and hands-on adjustments
  • Valuable content on the chakras and meditation

By completing this course you’ll receive a written letter of completion. Registered Yoga Teachers and Nurses can request documentation of completed continuing education hours.

Restorative Ananda Yoga Teacher Training Flashcards will be available for purchasing to help you with your teaching.


For this course, you need to have already established a regular Hatha yoga or restorative yoga practice. In addition, you should already be a yoga teacher because we can’t properly train you in “how to teach yoga” for the first time through an online platform. In other words, you should already have some yoga training under your belt because we’ll assume that you have basic anatomy and physiology knowledge as well as the foundations of yoga mechanics.

For a professional-level online training like this, you need to also be organized and a self-starter, because you’ll need to have time for approximately 7 hours of coursework every week (part of that is a couple hours of practice time). You’re expected to participate online multiple times per week, at times convenient for you. Finally, you need to be comfortable with computers or mobile devices, because although it’s not difficult, it is part of the course.

Everyone moves through the course together, week by week, and you’ll have assignments due each week. That’s the only way to have extensive, quality interactions with classmates and build a dynamic learning community.
The course will be laid out in 4 Units with several lesson plans:

Unit I: Introduction to Restorative Yoga
– Restorative Yoga Origins
– Who are your students & Using Props
– Guided Warm-ups & Stretches
– An Ananda Yoga Restorative Class 1 ½ hr. (Routine #1)
– Demonstrating poses: video assignment #1
– Teaching Diaphragmatic Breathing
– Self-Quiz, Journaling & Q&A

Unit II: Teaching Ananda Yoga Restorative
– Review Routine #1 & Practice Teaching with Classmates (via zoom)
– Sequencing an Ananda Yoga Restorative Routine
– Each One Teach One: video assignment #2
– How and Why we Use Ananda Yoga Affirmations
– Ananda Meditation & How to Sit Comfortably
– Self-Quiz, Journaling & Q&A

Unit III: Restorative Yoga for the Chakras
– Understanding the Chakras
– Guided Exercises to Awaken the Chakras
– Guided Warm-ups & Stretches
– Ananda Yoga Restorative for the Chakras 1 1/2 hr. (Routine #2)
– Review Routine #2 & video assignment #3
– Self-Quiz, Journaling & Q&A

Unit IV: Other Poses & Further Topics
– How to use fewer props & poses
– Guided Warm-ups & Stretches
– Teaching Advanced & Intermediate Poses (Routine #3)
– Advertising your classes
– Self-Quiz, Journaling & Q&A
– Resources
– Developing your practice at home

If you plan on taking this course to deepen your own practice and you have no plans to teach, you can make-do with simple props from around your home including folded blankets, bath towels, bed pillows, couch cushions, etc. However, if you plan on teaching we suggest that you have the following available:

• 2 Flat Rectangular Bolsters
• 2-4 Blocks
• 5-8 Mexican Blankets
• 2 Bed Pillows
• 1 Eye Pillow

After you apply for the course and are approved by the instructor, you’ll be sent a more thorough list of suggested props for purchasing and the specific websites we recommend using for wholesale prices.

There are only a few webinars, and because we have students from all over the world, the webinars are recorded for those who cannot attend “live.” Most other coursework can be done at times that are convenient for you.
You are free to do your coursework at whatever times of day suit your schedule. We expect you to log in and do some work (15 minutes to an hour) on multiple days each week. Also, during some parts of the course, you will need enough flexibility to find a mutually agreeable time to meet with classmates for practice teaching via internet video (using Zoom); this is usually quite doable.
Yes, you’ll have lots of interaction! In fact, many of your assignments require it: discussion forums, Q&A forums, “live” one-to-one practice teaching fellow trainees via Zoom, and a final team project. Plentiful interaction is a best practice in online learning, and this course is structured entirely around best practices. You’ll love being part of the supportive learning community that forms.
Yes, and we recommend it! We open the course web page about 2 weeks prior to the scheduled start date of the course, and we send a notice to enrolled students at that time.
Yes. This course takes place within the tradition of Paramhansa Yogananda and his direct disciple, Swami Kriyananda. Participants should be open to learning and teaching their approach to yoga postures and yoga philosophy. Those who come from a different tradition—or no tradition at all—should register as far in advance as possible in order to learn and practice those techniques before the course begins; we will send those links to you before the course web page opens. Then your course experience will unfold much more naturally, and your teaching and personal practice will benefit much more. Please note: We do not ask that you discontinue your current yoga practices if they are different; we simply ask that you do the practices that are required for this program.
The course web page is easy to use and intuitive, and it offers many “how to” instructions to help you. Plus you’ll receive a special video “tour of the course” early in the training. These days, everyone knows someone who can help them with such basic technological tasks as making videos and uploading them to the web. If you think you will need such help, we recommend that you find a helper early in the course, rather than waiting until an assignment is due. All in all, please know that many “tech-challenged” people have done very well in this course.

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