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"I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful virtual community! I love how "plugged in" I feel and connected to the Ananda community and other disciples. I'm so grateful for this community and all it has to offer. The webinars are not only wonderfully inspiring and educational, but so great to keep attunement and connection to Divine Mother. Thank you all your love and support!"

—Christa Saracco, Colorado, USA


"I am very appreciative of Ananda for providing an online community for all of us. I feel blessed to be part of this community as I have grown so much since joining it in July of 2015. All the events I have attended so far have nourished my soul and helped me strengthen my relationship with the Divine. I look forward to participating in more events over the course of the future. Thank you Ananda!"

— Poornima Kadambari, Canada


"I love to feel the energy of other God seeking souls  =)"

— Bruce Konzak, Minnesota, USA


"Every day I get inspiration from the Virtual Community. What I love about the Virtual Community is that it brings me things that are so dear to my heart and soul, that I don't travel to anymore--like the Christmas Concert and Jyotish and Devi's report from India.  But, also, several of the members give deep explanations of the topics that stimulate my mind and push me further on my path.  I guess I expect Devalila, Sanjan, and Jitendra to challenge us, but love all those who share what Yogananda sends them."

—Marilyn Wilson, California, USA


"The online community has become a vital part of my spiritual family. The dedication, commitment, integrity and support through the instruction, classes and webinars have enabled my transition from curious to serious seeker, from committed devotee to kriyaban. The depth, quality and variety of classes, live webinars and ongoing support is both practice helping to integrate Kriya into one’s life and inspirational by evoking the support to enliven a fulfilling Kriya practice. Each instructor has consistently exceeded my expectations through their wholehearted dedication and wiliness to give. What a treasure we have in the online community."

— Dr. Suzann Osborne, California, USA


"I am grateful to all who have made the Online Virtual Community a reality through which devotees and spiritual seekers can find valuable soul to soul support and tremendous amount of resources that can keep one focus in the this beautiful, exciting, and fulfilling spiritual path.

At the time I found Ananda, I was in the point of despair in my spiritual life, but I never lost faith that Guruji will answer my prayers...of finding my church. I prayed constantly, but I didn't know how to go with it to make it true in my life; family, work, too far from SRF (that was the only connection to Guruji in this material world I had then). I felt isolated and an outcast, nothing of a religion aspect around me satisfied me, but I knew that Guruji was always by my side. After many years, about two and a half decades, He finally blessed me with a break through. My prayers were answered through Ananda. I can't thank God, Guruji, and Ananda enough for all I have received since 2010 when I got connected! By searching through the internet, trying to get to SRF website to order more spiritual materials, I was guided to Ananda website. I never knew that there was another church following the teachings of my beloved Guruji. It was a complete surprise! I called then right away and a very soft voice answered; and my adventure and loving relationship with Ananda had started and will never end as Guruji will allow me so. God is great and I bow to thy feet for such an awesome opportunity. To become a disciple and a Kriyaban is a dream come true in this lifetime and it was possible through Ananda. I am deeply grateful :)"

— Blanca Sheridan, Nevada, USA


"For those of us who are unable to get around anymore, Online with Ananda is a lifeline to the spiritual path! Ananda House (assisted living home in Laurelwood, OR) uses the Ananda Virtual Community for all special events and inspiring talks. Thank you for all you do!"

— Ananda House Laurelwood, Oregon, USA


"I have been a member of Ananda and following this path since 2010 and have visited Ananda Village many times throughout the years.  This online community has become a very important part of my daily inspiration on this path.  Devalila, Sanjan and Jitendra provide such empowerment and inspiration for my spiritual journey and Online with Ananda has helped me grow spiritually throughout the years. I often travel during the summer months and visit many national and state parks and this Virtual Community follows me during my travels.  It is such a blessing to have the support of Ananda and this Virtual Community each day of my life, even while I am on the go.  I am notified of each webinar, training, class and talk so that I never miss being involved with them!  Everyone at the Virtual Community is an absolute blessing in my life and such a loving part of my spiritual family. If you're considering the Virtual Community, you will not be disappointed should you join.  The magnetism here is very empowering and you will immediately feel the love and warmth they all openly share. Blessings to you on your journey."

—Seaphina Walker, Texas, USA


"Despite the fact that I live in Seattle where there is a physical Ananda Temple & community, I joined the Virtual Community so that I could maximize my opportunities to connect spiritually during my day(s). I have 'put myself out there' in forums and been to the Village to meet some other Virtual Community members.  As a result I have grown myself as well as formed some deep and lasting friendships, despite the brevity of 'face-to-face' time.One of my 'traps' is depression/moodiness.  I know the Virtual Community is there for me no matter what.  I can reach out and receive a response of kindness, sincerity and energy that supports me where I am, or encourages me to take another step (along the path).  All but a keystroke away, from anywhere in the world! I feel very grateful for this community and the opportunity to be a part of it.  In todays world especially, it is reassuring &  empowering to have the calm vibration of fellow souls seeking freedom."

— Diana Barrett, Washington, USA


"I'm delighted to share how this dear Ananda Virtual Community has cheered and enriched my life. The friendships with others who are seeking to find God and who are also trying to understand what in the world is going on anyway is so neat. When we stumble, we are encouraged to learn from the misstep and just to keep our head up and go forward. So many souls who have been touched by our group of Masters whom we know are real for they have subtly touched our lives in amazing ways. I'm sure others have been touched in big ways as well. To be able to ease the lonesomeness of living far from Ananda Village. And to have these courses online which we can choose from, that are particular to our own needs and interests. It's all just a Godsend! These souls who lead this Virtual Community so constantly are kind and strong and "normal", like we are. And we all just encourage each other to keep on keepin' on. One day we will be together with the Masters in person. Now They are with us too, and we rejoice together for Them, and for each other, always. We share joy, feeling appreciation and reverence and receiving and sharing Their wondrous Light and Presence always in us, around us, everywhere. :)"

—Paula Jones, New York, USA

No matter where you are located, Ananda Virtual Community will enrich and deepen your spiritual life. The teachings are based on those of Paramhansa Yogananda and his direct disciple, Swami Kriyananda.

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