Art and Science of Raja Yoga

Step 2 of 5 on the Path of Kriya Yoga
Raja YogaThe Art and Science of Raja Yoga is the most comprehensive course on yoga and meditation offered today. It gives us the balanced and complete approach of raja yoga, which is also known as the "royal" yoga. The course is organized around seven topics-Philosophy, Meditation, Postures, Breathing, Routines, Healing Principles and Techniques, and Diet. It also includes in-depth discussions of the paths of karma, bhakti, and gyana yoga. The author, Swami Kriyananda, excels in showing the interdependence of these seemingly separate areas and how all of them, when correctly approached, further our spiritual progress.

The main purpose of yoga postures, for example, sometimes thought to bestow only physical benefits, is to prepare the body and mind for meditation. Affirmations, visualizations, breathing exercises, healing techniques, the different paths of yoga, and, to a certain extent, diet are similarly helpful. What unites these various areas is raja yoga's inward, spiritual focus, which achieves its fullest expression in the practice of meditation.

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What you'll receive:

  • textbook (pdf format)
  • audio learning tracks (mp3 format)
  • digital videos
  • interactive forums
  • regular online discussion meetings with instructor
  • personal support (via email, telephone, or live chat)
  • certificate of completion

The course consists of 14 lessons, designed to take you deeper into your practice:

  • Lesson 1 — The History of Yoga
  • Lesson 2 —The Paths of Yoga
  • Lesson 3 —The Eight Stages of Self-realization
  • Lesson 4 —Yama
  • Lesson 5 —Niyama
  • Lesson 6 —Duality
  • Lesson 7 —Affirmations, Part 1
  • Lesson 8 —Affirmations, Part 2
  • Lesson 9 —Energy and Energization
  • Lesson 10 —Magnetism
  • Lesson 11 —The Need for a Guru
  • Lesson 12 —The Anatomy of Yoga, Part 1
  • Lesson 13 — The Anatomy of Yoga, Part 2
  • Lesson 14 —The Yogic Scheme of Life

Your instructor

Nayaswami Premdas is an Ananda minister and teacher of meditation and yoga. A resident community member at Ananda Village, he served for many years as the Head Chef and Culinary Instructor at The Expanding Light. He is known for his joy, devotion and hospitality.

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