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The Expanding Light
Ananda's Spiritual Retreat for Meditation, Yoga, and Health
Located in Northern California

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Ananda Teaching Centers:

Located around the world, Ananda’s centers act as places of learning, spiritual support, and fellowship. We have residential communities, temples, teaching centers, and meditation groups.

Communities and Temples:

Ananda communities are comprised of a residential complex for members, a nearby temple, and often, a school and other Ananda-affiliated businesses. They are led by Ananda ministers who live at the residential complex and offer regular classes and spiritual services at the temple.

Meditation Groups:

Ananda meditation groups are places of spiritual support for like-minded souls.Meditation groups hold regular meetings, typically in homes of members, to practice the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda. Comprised of 3 – 12 participants, some are larger and meet at public facilities.

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