Ananda Leadership Training Course

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Watch this 2 minute introduction with Nayaswami Jyotish:

Ananda Leadership Training Introduction

The Ananda Leadership Training program's three-fold purpose:

  1. The first purpose is to present a comprehensive course in the special style of decision making and leadership that has developed at Ananda over the last forty years.
  2. The second is to train the next generation of Ananda leaders in the basic skills of leadership as a living expression of the principles Swami Kriyananda outlined in his book, The Art of Supportive Leadership
  3. Finally, this course offers unique satsang with the people and vibration that has made Ananda what it is today. The classes are taught by many of Ananda’s founding members and most experienced leaders.

Enroll in individual sections

Enroll in entire course

Tuition for entire course: $150
Tuition for individual sections: $50

Four main aspects of Ananda Leadership are covered in depth:

  • Minister Training**
  • Leadership Training
  • Practical Skills
  • Creating a Vision

Three options for participation:

  • Sign up for the entire course, watching recording of all classes, read the required reading material, complete five project assignments, three class assignments and receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of the course. The five student projects are: 1) Create a Discipleship Class Series, 2) Organize a Weekend Retreat, 3) Create a Budget for a Project - Income and Expenses, 4) Create a five-year plan, 5) Develop a Marketing Plan.
  • Sign up for the entire course and do as much or as little as you want - at your own pace without doing the assignments.
**Please Note: The Minister Training portion of the Ananda Leadership Course does not qualify one to become an official Ananda Minister - but, rather, it offers in-depth training on how to help and serve others.

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