“Learn to be happy by being happy all the time.”Paramhansa Yogananda, author of the well-known spiritual classic, Autobiography of a Yogi

There is no time like the present, and no greater search than the journey for joy.

This online course, “How to Be Happy All the Time,” is for those happiness-seekers with a pioneering spirit who are motivated to be free from fear and stress, to re-energize their life and stay well, and to live with peace and harmony once more.

It’s led by Kalamali Joy, a certified meditation teacher and public health wellness educator.

Happiness is not a thing: It is a state of mind. It must be lived. Paramhansa Yogananda, How to Be Happy All the Time

“Kalamali is an engaging instructor who makes the spiritual path come alive. I love sharing with her and hearing real life stories that are personally meaningful to me. She is a friend for all those who come to class and carries the energy for everyone to do their studies and be successful.”

—N.M. Scotts Valley, California

Summary of Course:

This wonderful course offers the inspiration necessary to live a life filled with inner strength and happiness. The essence of all spiritual teachings is the recognition that all fulfillment and joy lies within us. We’ll explore the sayings of Paramhansa Yogananda and see how we, too, can realize our true joy.

Through affirmations, visualizations, and other research supported exercises and practices, you will leave with practical skills and tools for being happy in your busy, daily life—no matter what comes.

Sample Topics From Our Happiness Course:

How you can choose to be happy regardless of outer circumstances

Tools and techniques for achieving lasting happiness and inner peace

Improving harmony at home, at work, or in your community

Learn how to use your will power to master your energy

Learn the art and science of a simple, yet profound meditation technqiue

How to redirect your energy to positivity and stop negativity in its tracks


What You’ll Receive:

New techniques for daily mindfulness and meditation practices.

Guided affirmations, visualizations, and journaling exercises

Personal support (via email or phone)

Interactive forum discussions with fellow students and instructor

Video classes given by certified Ananda Yoga and Meditation teachers and lifelong meditators.

Audio MP3 downloads for deepening your understanding on-the-go.

Textbook and handouts (PDF format)

Certificate of Completion (on the Advanced Certificate of Spiritual Development track)

“Never lose hope. Your soul, being a reflection of the ever joyous spirit, is, in essence, happiness itself.”Paramhansa Yogananda

This course is based on the science of yoga brought to the West by Paramhansa Yogananda, who came to spread a message of true and lasting joy. Ananda is a worldwide movement of spiritual communities and yoga and meditation centers, with teachers who have been meditating twice daily for nearly 50 years.

This course is not only profound, but it is transformational for it is based on practical skills and tools that you can bring into your home, work, and community. It is for those who are motivated and dedicated and want to be personally supported by the global virtual community of fellow truth-seekers. It is for those of every race, nation and religious background who are seeking hope during such challenging times.

What Makes This Happiness Course Unique?

In this self-paced course you will have 90 days to complete nine lessons. We encourage you to complete one lesson per week and to dedicate some time every day to your study so that you may get the most from the material. Take full advantage of the interactive forums to share your thoughts and inspiration with other participants, and the course instructor is available to support you throughout your journey.

You will receive an email reminder seven days before your enrollment period expires. We offer enrollment extensions freely, so if you find you need more time to complete the course, you can let us know at courseinfo@ananda.org

Kalamali Joy

Kalamali came to Ananda Village through the Karma Yoga ashram program on January 5, 2011. She first read Autobiography of a Yogi while in school in Boston, MA and knew she found the right place to study yoga when she saw Yogananda’s picture on The Expanding Light Retreat’s website.

From there, she began studying the Path of Kriya Yoga, becoming a certified Ananda Meditation Teacher, serving day-to-day in digital communications throughout Ananda Worldwide.

She currently lives at the Village with her three-year-old daughter, working with Nayaswamis Jyotish and Devi on their weekly A Touch of Light letters and outreach online.

Kalamali carries a Masters of Public Health, and has trained in fitness, health, and wellness. She enjoys working one-on-one with those seeking success and happiness, and uses her background to help individuals stay motivated to achieve their goals. She has authored the book, How to Successfully Share Inspiration with the World.

Discover true happiness within your own Self

Welcome this Spring with a fresh approach to happiness. Let the budding flowers of freedom and joy blossom in your relationships and inner life.

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Enrollment Period: 90 Days

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