Light the lamp of Thy love

In my house, with Thine own hands, Light the lamp of Thy love! In my house, with Thine own hands, Light the lamp of Thy love! Thy transmuting lamp entrancing, Thy transmuting lamp entrancing, Wondrous are its rays. Change my darkness to Thy Light, Lord! Change my darkness to Thy light, and my evil into good. Touch me but once … Read More

Well done, Lord!

In India there lived by the banks of a stream A hermit whose prayers chose applause for their theme. He gazed at the flowers, and he smiled at the sun, Then he clapped with delight: “Lord,” he cried, “Oh, well done!” Well done, Lord! Oh, very well done! The mountains that laugh with the gypsy clouds! The fields smile to … Read More

Keep Calling Him

Keep calling Him, Keep calling Him. Whether he replies or not, Keep calling him. In the temple of unceasing prayer Believe that He’s approaching there. And call to Him. Keep calling Him. Thou dost know I’m praying, Lord You know I love no other. I’ll speak not nor ask when To expect from you an answer. You know my heart. … Read More

If You’re Seeking Freedom

If you’re seeking freedom In a revolution, Oh, if you’re seeking freedom, You won’t find it there. For once the guns stop blazing, You’ll find it amazing How the world can drag on Just as before! If you’re seeking freedom In a marble mansion, Oh, if you’re seeking freedom, You won’t find it there. For even when it’s sunny, You’ll … Read More

Come Gather ‘Round

1. Come gather round: Let joy sing out today! Dawn now is breaking, And the mountains say: “It’s only light Can make the darkness run. Lift up your head, Greet the rising sun!” Mm-m-m greet the rising sun! 2. Some people think To harvest happiness By weeding troubles, Easing every stress. The trouble is That troubles never end: Get rid … Read More

The Secret of Laughter

The secret of laughter lies in the laughing, Not in the search for joy: It’s a swallow winging on the wind! It’s innocence in a boy. Luru luru lero, Luru luru lye! Joy will come to anyone Whose heart has learned to fly! Joy in the singing, not in the song sung, Welcome, but never crave: If you think that … Read More

Christmas Message from Paramhansa Yogananda- 1928

Greetings to all Yogoda students everywhere, on the occasion of the coming spiritual Christmas season. The truth of Yogoda is marching steadily on through the territories of dark ignorance. New regions have been conquered by the armies of divine love. Soldiers of superstition, narrowness, misunderstanding, and dogmatism are on the run. Wake, soldiers of Yogoda! Train yourselves in the art … Read More

The Importance of Gratitude

The Importance of Gratitude The ongoing catastrophic fire that consumed the City of Paradise and some neighboring areas really inspired me to bring gratitude forward as our focus during these difficult times. It first came to me as I was walking to the Expanding Light yesterday to teach a yoga class. During that short 7-minute walk among the clouds of … Read More

Growing Younger

GROWING YOUNGER by Paramhansa Yogananda Through eating an abundance of alkaline foods, either in bulk, reducing them to juices, or through the process of sun-drying and powdering, we can go far toward arresting physical decay and restoring a condition of youth to prematurely aging body cells, if simultaneously the amount of acid-forming foods are for a period eliminated, and when … Read More