Practical Advice on Health

From ‘Conversations with Yogananda‘ A Book with 500+ conversations recorded by Swami Kriyananda​ ​~ 101 ~ The Master’s approach to truth was pragmatic. During his early years in America, certain persons were claiming in public that they would live forever. “Study them,” the Master advised when someone asked for his opinion. “Look for a few obvious signs. Is their hair … Read More

Fall Time Ananda Village

Happy Fall

May you all be Blessed during times of Change !     ~Online With Ananda Staff

Spiritual Life

Celebrate The Power of Yoga

It comes as no surprise the popularity of yoga in both eastern and western cultures is booming. Within this age of information, our lifestyles are becoming increasingly rapid, bringing about more stress and less contentment. Yoga practice has proven not only to help relieve physical and emotional tension, but its deeper, more subtle, effects can revolutionize our lives. Why is … Read More

Through Life Changes, Love is the Answer

Greetings friends, Life has recently taken many changes. And where there is change, there’s also a sense of uncertainty as to where these changes may lead to. Within the last month, I’ve stepped into a new, and beautiful, relationship, changed jobs from outdoor work to cubicle life, and moved back to Ananda Village. All these shifts are wonderful and very … Read More

Health and Healing

We are Light

Spiritual Life

Christmas Message

A Christmas Message From Paramhansa Yogananda December 1950 My Christmas wish for you this year is twofold: that the consciousness of Christ be manifest in you through deep meditation, and that your exemplary actions will persuade others to abandon their evil or worldly ways and become spiritual. Both meditation and action are necessary on the spiritual path, for they contribute … Read More

Spiritual Life

Choosing Is Not Always Easy

I had a dream!  It was a late fall evening, the air was crisp and carried a refreshing wave of moisture due the presence of the nearby ocean.  My heart was fixed on the anticipation of surfing good waves as the sun was setting.  There was a sense of urgency, due to the fact that night was falling fast and … Read More

Yoga and Meditation


Spiritual Life

Divine Service Everywhere

Crystal Hermitage Garden, Statue of Yogananda welcoming me home, into Stillness.       I recently arrived ‘home’ to the Ananda Village in Northern California after traveling to the East Coast with the intention to share the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda.  My journey brought me to the 5th Annual Nantucket Yoga Festival, New York City and Rhode Island.  I often enjoy traveling … Read More