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Join Nayaswami Gyandev and Nayaswami Diksha—along with trainees from around the world—in this uplifting, professional, highly experiential training. You’ll be part of a diverse learning community that will include:

  • Dynamic individuals who plan to teach public classes
  • Professionals who want to broaden their skillsets as psychotherapists, life coaches, nurses (nursing CE available), and other healthcare providers, social service workers, yoga teachers & therapists, healers & counselors.
  • People who want to teach friends, family, or colleagues
  • Others who simply want to deepen their own practice, not teach it
  • Nursing CEU 50 hours
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I feel thoroughly prepared to begin teaching yoga – I want to share yoga with everyone.Anna, Rossland, BC, Canada

Best practices in online training

At Ananda, we have been offering quality certification training for decades. Gyandev and Diksha began studying the best online teaching practices in 2014, and they have been teaching online since April 2015. Gyandev is a Certified Online Instructor. They both embrace the very best practices of online learning. You will enjoy a user-friendly online environment that offers plentiful interaction within a highly engaged learning community, including:

  • Lively discussion forums filled with insights
  • “Live” practice teaching with fellow trainees
  • Numerous opportunities to receive feedback on your teaching, and give feedback to others
  • Team projects
  • Personal coaching and guidance from Gyandev & Diksha
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You’ll learn how to:

Teach online as well as in person—you’ll gain online teaching experience during this course

Teach meditation to anyone, whether for stress relief, better health, emotional stability, greater effectiveness, or the highest that meditation can offer

Answer students’ common questions to guide them through difficulties

Help students take meditation off the cushion and into their daily lives

Deepen your own meditation practice

Teach classical meditation as well as a broad spectrum of supplemental practices (see video below)

Organize and market your classes

Present your classes confidently and effectively

Receive post-graduation support as part of the Network of Ananda Meditation Teachers, which offers a wide variety of resources, inspiration, and community interactions.

Explore a broad spectrum of techniques and insights:

A powerful, ancient meditation technique taught by Paramhansa Yogananda, author of the spiritual classic, Autobiography of a Yogi

Pranayama breathing techniques to calm the body and emotions, and empower and focus the mind

Ways to overcome mental restlessness and harness a wandering mind

Little-known keys to sitting properly for the most comfortable and effective meditation practice

Practices that engage the unlimited power of the heart to supercharge meditation practice

How to use the little-understood arts of affirmation and visualization both to deepen the practice of meditation, and to channel the power awakened by meditation for personal growth

Walking meditations

Keys to developing a regular, at-home practice

Creative ways to build an at-home environment that supports meditation

Course Syllabus (pdf): Click here

Meet Your Instructors:

Nayaswami Gyandev

A dedicated meditator since 1974, Gyandev is known for his clarity of presentation, deep insights, high energy, kindness, and humor. He has been meditating for 46 years, and taught meditation for more than 35 years to people from all walks of life.

Gyandev is a Certified Online Instructor, and director and a senior faculty member of the Ananda School of Yoga & Meditation in Northern California. He is also co-director of the Ananda Meditation Teacher Training programs. From his base at The Expanding Light Retreat, he also teaches across the U.S., and in India and Europe.

Gyandev is director of Ananda Yoga worldwide, a Kriyacharya (teacher of Kriya Yoga), co-founder of Yoga Alliance, and an E-RYT 500. He is the author of three books (including Spiritual Yoga: Awakening to Higher Awareness) and numerous audio and video products

Nayaswami Diksha

Diksha is a senior faculty member of the Ananda School of Yoga & Meditation in Northern California, and she co-directs the Ananda Meditation Teacher Training programs.

Diksha has been meditating for more than 30 years, and training meditation teachers for more than 18 years. A powerful and dynamic woman of great warmth and humor, she is gifted in both intelligence and intuition. She has shared yogic teachings across the U.S., and in Canada and Europe.

A native Israeli who moved to the U.S. in 1990, Diksha brings a broad background to her teaching—from physical wellness to Ayurveda to profound spiritual understanding. Above all, she awakens in her students their own inner wisdom and the will to make positive changes in their lives.

Be Part of a Dynamic Community:

A Practice for Finding Solutions:


To consider teaching, you need already to have established a regular meditation practice. And for a professional-level online training like this, you need to be organized and a self-starter, because you’ll need to have time for 7–8 hours of coursework every week (part of that is 2–3 hours of practice time). You’re expected to participate online multiple times per week, at times convenient for you. Finally, you need to be comfortable with computers or mobile devices, because although it’s not difficult, it is part of the course.
Everyone moves through the course together, week by week, and you’ll have assignments due each week. That’s the only way to have extensive, quality interactions with classmates and build a dynamic learning community.
All coursework can be done at times that are convenient for you. It’s ideal to attend the four “live” webinars (usually on weekend mornings, Pacific time), but they are recorded for those who cannot attend.
You are free to do your coursework at whatever times of day suit your schedule. We expect you to log in and do some work (often just 15 minutes) on multiple days each week. Also, during several weeks of the course, you will need enough flexibility to find a mutually agreeable time to meet with classmates for practice teaching via internet video (using Zoom); this is usually quite doable.
Yes, you’ll have lots of interaction! In fact, many of your assignments require it: discussion forums, Q&A forums, “live” one-to-one practice teaching fellow trainees via Zoom, and a final team project. Plentiful interaction is a best practice in online learning, and this course is structured entirely around best practices. You’ll love t=being part of the supportive learning community that forms.
Yes, and we recommend it! We open the course web page about 2 weeks prior to the scheduled start date of the course, and we send a notice to enrolled students at that time.
Yes. This course takes place within the tradition of Paramhansa Yogananda, so participants should be interested in teaching his approach to meditation. Those who come from a different tradition—or no tradition at all—should register as far in advance as possible in order to learn and practice those techniques before the course begins; we will send those links to you before the course web page opens. Then your course experience will unfold much more naturally, and your teaching and personal practice will benefit much more. Please note: We do not ask that you discontinue your current meditation practices if they are different; we simply ask that you do the practices that are required for this program.
The course web page is easy to use and intuitive, and it offers many “how to” instructions to help you. Plus we’ll have a special “tech help” webinar early in the course. These days, everyone knows someone who can help them with such basic technological tasks as making videos and uploading them to the web. If you think you will need such help, we recommend that you find a helper early in the course, rather than waiting until an assignment is due. All in all, please know that many “tech-challenged” people have done very well in this course.
Not if you use a computer. You’re required to video-record your Zoom-based teaching assignments, which you can do with a computer and a free Zoom Basic account. With a mobile device, you can record only to the Zoom cloud, which requires a paid Zoom account ($15/month) for two months of the course.
Yes, it offers credit toward Level 2 Ananda Meditation® Teacher certification, Ananda Yoga® Therapy certification (and therefore Yoga Therapist certification via the International Association of Yoga Therapists), and continuing education for Yoga Alliance RYTs. The 2021 offerings of this course also offer credit toward Level 2 Ananda Yoga® Teacher certification; that might or might not be true of post-2021 offerings, pending upcoming policy decisions by Yoga Alliance.

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