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One of the most fundamental desires of every human being is the desire for true and lasting happiness. In the search for happiness, we tend to look for it in some external condition or event. The problem comes in when that condition or event changes. We may be able to get things “just right” for a while, but when it inevitably changes, as all things do—we’re no longer happy.

What if there was a way to live from our center, from a place of true inner joy and peace, unconditioned by outer events? What if we could discover the true source of happiness within our own being?

There is a way, and it can be found through the ancient science of Kriya Yoga. Kriya Yoga was first introduced to the west through Paramhansa Yogananda’s book, Autobiography of a Yogi.

What is Kriya Yoga?

Autobiography of a Yogi Paramhansa YoganandaKriya Yoga is a meditation technique of energy and breath control, or pranayama. More importantly, it is part of a comprehensive spiritual path which includes meditation, yoga, living the spiritual teachings, right attitude, and living in harmony not only with our higher self, but with all of life.

According to Yogananda, Kriya Yoga is the most effective technique available to mankind today for reaching the goal of Yoga: union with the Divine. Kriya Yoga is so effective because it works directly with the source of growth — the spiritual energy deep in our spines.

Kriya is also very practical in its effectiveness. Kriya Yogis find that it enhances their ability to concentrate, to become more effective in business and in family life, and to become better people in every way.

Free Yourself from All Limitation – Embrace Your Higher Self

“The grace of receiving Kriya has given me a purpose in life and a goal. But it’s also given me something I didn’t have before – the presence of God and Guru in my life.”Shirley Payne, UK

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Presented By:

Nayaswami AnandiNayaswami Anandi

Anandi is known for her joy, humor, wisdom, and kindness. Almost since her arrival at Ananda in 1971 as a founding member of Ananda, she has been sharing the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda. An Ananda minister since 1980, Anandi has directed and taught in many of Ananda’s guest and outreach programs, including the Palo Alto Ananda Community, Ananda’s membership training program, The Cooperative Living Training, and The Expanding Light. She was initiated as a Kriyacharya by Swami Kriyananda in 2011.

Devalila Veenhof

Devalila, Director of Ananda Kriya Sangha for North and South America, has been practicing and sharing Paramhansa Yogananda’s teachings for over 20 years. Devalila created and served as Director of Online with Ananda for nearly 10 years. In that role, she developed the Virtual Community, as well as generated and taught many online courses – all based on the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda and his direct disciple Swami Kriyananda. She also served for over seven years archiving talks by Swami Kriyananda for Treasures Along the Path.

Nayaswami Jaya HelinNayaswami Jaya

Nayaswami Jaya Helin and his wife Nayaswami Sadhana Devi are founding members of Ananda. For many years Jaya served as the general manager of Ananda Village. Later, he and Sadhana Devi helped start an Ananda Center on the East Coast of the U.S. For the past several years they have been helping to pioneer Ananda India in Delhi, and now in Pune.